Last name First name Title Institution
Dr. Behr John Towards optical atomic parity violation with laser-trapped francium TRIUMF
Dr. Cocolios Thomas In-source resonant ionization spectroscopy of the polonium isotopes CERN ISOLDE
Mrs. Ejtemaee Sara A Fluorescence Study of Single Trapped Yb+ Qubit-Ions and Applications Simon Fraser University
Dr. Fedosseev Valentin Photoinjectors: laser driven high-brightness electron beam sources for accelerators CERN
Dr. Flanagan Kieran CRIS: collinear resonance ionization spectroscopy physics and progress at ISOLDE University of Manchester
Mr. Hakimi Amin Resonance Ionization Mass Spectrometry for Ultra-Trace Analysis of Actinides JGU Mainz
Dr. Hirayama Yoshikazu Laser resonance ionization of r-process nuclei for beta-decay spectroscopy KEK
Prof. Husinsky Wolfgang  The Z-scan technique for characterization of nonlinear optical properties in the ultra short laser regime Vienna University of Technology
Dr. Ko Kwang-Hoon Tunable Single-Frequency Visible and Ultraviolet Light Generation For Atomic Spectroscopy KAERI
Mr. Kong Tao Specific mass shift measurements in radioactive Rb isotopes by Doppler-free two-photon transitions UBC
Dr. Kudryavtsev Yuri  In-Gas-Cell Laser Resonant Ionization Spectroscopy at LISOL K.U.Leuven
Dr. Lassen Jens TRIUMF RILIS Developments TRIUMF
Dr. Lecesne Nathalie  Status of the SPIRAL2 project and of its Resonant Ionization Laser Ion Source GANIL
Dr. Li Ruohong Laser Ion Source off-line Developments for Radioactive Ion Beams TRIUMF
Mr. Liang Jixin  Hopping of an Impurity Defect in Trapped Yb+ Ion Crystals Simon Fraser University
Dr. Liu Yuan  Purification of Radioactive Ion Beams by Photodetachment at HRIBF Oak Ridge National Laboratroy
Dr. Marsh Bruce Alan  The ISOLDE RILIS Upgrade Status CERN
Dr. Minamisono Kei  Collinear Laser Spectroscopy Studies at NSCL NSCL/MSU
Dr. Mueller Peter Isotope detection at the part-per-quadrillion level with Atom Trap Trace Analysis Argonne National Laboratory
Mr. Raeder Sebastian  Resonance Ionization Spectroscopy on Th-229 Mainz University
Mr. Rohlén Johan Anthony Photodetachment studies of negative ions Department of Physics
Mr. Rossnagel Johannes Ti:Sa Laser Ion Source Spectroscopy in Preparation for on-line Applications Universität Mainz
Dr. Savina Michael Rapid Isotopic Analysis of Lanthanides and Actinides by Resonance Ionization Mass Spectrometry
Dr. Scarpa Daniele Two colours, three steps atomic Neodymium laser photoionization monitored by means of fast optogalvanic effect I.N.F.N.
Dr. Tardiff Eric Robert Laser Polarization and Diagnostics in the Radon EDM Experiment TRIUMF
Dr. Tomita Hideki Experimental Demonstration of Inductively Coupled Plasma-Resonance Ionization Mass Spectrometry (ICP-RIMS) Nagoya University
Proposal of Accelerator Mass Spectrometry for I-129 at Low Energies by Isotope Selective Photodetachment with Injection Seeded Ti:sapphire Laser
Dr. Zionev Alexander Laser-Induced Acoustic Desorption: Applications, Mechanisms and Perspectives.